What we do

VR technology Development

We take what the vast majority of the world can only imagine and bring it to life for a once in a lifetime experience.  Whether it is experiencing life in Africa, exploring a world renowned hospital, being in the rain forest among endangered animals or sharing the feeling of living life with a disability, our team of developers create unique cinematic stories and immersive interactive journeys



Not only are we a technology development company, we know fundraising!  Our Leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience in building and managing professional fundraising teams for donor acquisitions through onsite activation and direct face to face fundraising

Development Services

Virtual Reality Fundraising Campaigns

The face of virtual fundraising.  We develop onsite campaigns for charities looking to enhance their direct face to face fundraising efforts.

Virtual Reality Staff Training Solutions

Charities and third party consultants can now train staff in a virtual world to ensure representatives are 100% comfortable and competent before interacting with real donors.  Whether it is preparing fundraising teams or preparing for presentations to new business relationships.

Virtual Conferences & Events 

Gather your donors, business associates and industry professionals all in one place without having to step out of your room.  Network connectivity allows everyone to be in the same virtual space to freely network, socialize and present on stage.

Full Immersion VR Experience Development

The way we envisioned virtual reality to be.  Move freely in a virtual world.  Fully interactive experiences allowing the user to pick up, walk, look, bend and jump.

Cinematic 360 VR Experience Development 

You got it!  A cinematic experience putting the user right in the middle of the story!

Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented Reality... What is the difference between AR and VR?

AR is a mix reality experience.  Think Pokemon Go.  Augmented Reality blends the existing real world with virtual.


Retail Fundraising Campaigns


Street Fundraising Campaigns


Residential Canvassing Campaigns


Event Fundraising Campaigns



The world of fundraising is no stranger to events.  Many organizations rely heavily (some solely) on events for donor support.  This is why we have an entertainment division.  Branded as Mass Appeal Entertainment Fundraising, our entertainment team has the expertise, experience and key industry relationships to produce or simply piggyback your organization with touring acts, festivals, event speakers and recording artists.


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In Person

Activation onsite where our trained representatives are not only trained to operate the technology but also professionally trained fundraisers

Unique Experience

Custom built solutions for your organization.  Utilizing the best fundraising solutions VR technology has to offer  

Integrated technology

Our platform allows donors to make interactive decisions and the choice to give at any point in the experience.

Donor Data

Capture information of every user without user commitments.  Know what they're passionate about and analyze data for future campaigns